School of personal assistants

Practical training personal assistant to the profession

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Malcolm Baldridge: "A good assistant saves your boss more time than the service supersonic aircraft"

Based on the important personal assistants knowledge, school "Personal Assistant" provides its members with the necessary intellectual stimulus leads to quality performance standards and professional recognition, teaches acting, guided by the highest ethical standards.

The Aim:

Practical training personal assistant to the profession
Classification and enrichment of personal experience

Followers of the program:

 Personal assistants of all levels who work within the company.

The main topics of the training of personal assistant:

ACC in the management processes.

Fundamentals of Project Management:
Financial Literacy:
Project Definition -: formulation of the project; definition of tasks; the working structure of the project; identify required resources.

- Planning the project.

- Execution of the project.

-working Document (record incoming and outgoing documents, processing of documents to be signature of the head).

- Analysis of financial and economic activity.

Organization of business meetings.

Organization of corporate events.

Algorithm and trip planning rules.

Management of office space:

- Major trends.

- Organize your workspace.

- Organization office desk type, open space, combi-office.

- Space for people.

- Ogranizatsii documents.

- Organization of equipment and machinery.

- The image of the workplace.

ACC in communications.

Fundamentals of communication management;

- Information and how it changes during the transfer. Filters

perception of information

- Universal technology to establish effective contact

- Active listening, collecting and analyzing information

- Effective telephone communication

 Development of negotiation skills, support commercial transaction:

- Stages of the negotiation process

- Resolution of conflict issues, working with difficult people

Fundamentals of business letter

The rules of e-mails

General staff management issues:

- The main functions of management

- Motivation

Basics of business etiquette

Business image and style

ACC in self-organization.

Time Management

- Setting goals and objectives

- Plan on the basis of prioritization of tasks

- Tools of self-organization in a multitasking environment

Personal qualities ACCA.

Fundamentals of professional confidence

Development of emotional stability:

- The causes of emotional stress.

- Development of methods of regulation of emotional stress

What will be the personal assistant after passing school?

Development of professional qualities:

- Know the paperwork, the primary financial literacy,

- To observe the etiquette of communication,

- To plan effectively working life leader,

- To protect the head from unwanted visitors and phone calls,

- Solve everyday and administrative matters,

- To organize business meetings, taking into account the requirements of etiquette and protocol,

- To organize trips and activities (logistics, processes, software).

Development of personal qualities:

- Interpersonal skills: the ability to understand and interact with the officers, employees, partners, klientamim,

- Diplomacy,

- The ability to store information,

- Diligence, ability to obey,

- Making decisions within their competence,

- Self-motivation,

- Organizational skills,

- Stress.

The planned result for the party:

Professional growth.

Passage of the school - a real proof of your:

  •      loyalty to the profession and the desire to be a professional in their field,
  •      desire to continue career development,
  •      purposefulness.

School of personal assistants gives you access to:

  1.     professional and unique knowledge of personal assistants,
  2.     Useful tips situational assistance;
  3.     opportunities to improve their professionalism, be unique and
  4.     useful Company

The teachers of the school:

professional trainers specializing in the declared program topics.

separate guest speakers, the successful experience personal assistant for more than 3 years.

After the end of the school program, each participant receives a certificate of the established sample.